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Business Email id Benefits

A personalized email address can certainly create an impression.
Have you just graduated? Are you looking for work?
If you've answered yes to either of these questions then you'll know the importance of making an impression and being remembered.

When you set out to try and rise above the competition to get your dream job you need to do everything you can to be at the forefront of your potential boss's mind. No one remembers mobile phone numbers. Business cards get lost and most mail addresses are very forgettable. So, after you've dazzled them with your brilliance and captivated them with your charm, you can ensure they will always remember how to get in contact with you with a personalised email address.

Business Email id Benefits

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Online business entrepreneurs use email extensively to meet their communication requirements. Most of us already have two accounts - one for personal use and the other to meet work-related requirements. However, this may not be enough for businesses and there may well be a need to have multiple email accounts.

Why Personalized Business Email Accounts are Necessary?
  • Search Engines. When you list your site with a search engine, they send you many messages that include emails that are advertisements for their clients. Having a separate mail account helps in handling these messages.
  • Free For All (FFA) Sites. Online businesses make extensive use of these sites in an attempt to expand their marketing reach. Again, as in the case of search engines, these sites add you to their mailing list and you get a host of return mails, including thank you messages!
  • Web-based Accounts. This account is used along with your primary account. This allows for the URL thanks without messing up the primary account.

How Can an Email Hosting Service Help My Online Business?
  • An email hosting service can help you accomplish several goals for your online business:
  • Build your brand credibility. Your personalized email address can be linked to a domain name that you own. This creates a link to your company that reinforces the connection with your name and your business. For example, if your domain name is, your e-mail address can be personalized from "" to the unique and identifiable An e-mail address that is more meaningful to you can also be more easy-to-remember for your customers.
  • Enhance your web visibility. Email accounts include the flexibility of adding new personalized email contacts as your business grows. Each additional personalized email address will have the same unique branding, helping to establish your company's visibility and presence on the Web. It can also help your employees stay connected and work together.
  • Don't miss misspelled emails. Catchall email addresses allow you to set up one email box to which any misspelled emails are sent. For instance, when someone accidentally types  – the email won't bounce back to the sender, and best, you can receive and respond to it!
  • Protect your privacy. Secure email hosting means your messages can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. And for your safety, built-in mail filters help reduce spam and provide protection against fraud and viruses.

With so much at stake, it's easy to see why the majority of small and mid-size businesses turn to an email hosting service provider like Creative Web Hosting for personalized email and privacy protection

How Can Creative Web Hosting India Help Me with Email Hosting?

Our email hosting service packages come with various storage space options and data transfer capabilities. Setting up a personalized email account is easy, and storage space can be increased as the volume and size of your email messages and attachments increases. We'll even protect your personalized email address from spam with industry-leading Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam™.
Creative Email Solutions strives to satisfy the changing needs of its customers, which is why our email hosting service now allows you to safely check your personalized email account from any Internet connection – including a Web-enabled mobile phone.

Get all of this and enjoy 24/7 customer support from Creative Email Solutions dedicated team of e-mail hosting service experts.

Corporate email hosting India,Business email hosting,personalized email accounts,business email hosting services,corporate mailing solutions India