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Email Marketing Servers

Get Dedicated Servers at $499 p.m for Email Marketing

Creative Web Hosting Dedicated Server High-Volume Email Marketing And Autoresponder Solution

The Creative Web hosting Dedicated Server offers the advantages of a powerful and cost-efficient solution for professional and expanding email marketers.

Email Marketing Servers

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Why You need a Dedicated Server for Email marketing?

We listen to our customers and thus understand their needs -- this is why we create solutions
you can rely on. Take a look at some of the Dedicated Server benefits for Email marketing Campaigns:

1. No More Waiting:
All email programs utilize shared servers. In other words, several clients use the same IP space to send their messages. Consequently, before sending, the messages wait in line behind all the other messages that have been queued earlier.

At times, a broadcast message is delayed as much as 24 hours, before it is actually sent to end
customers and prospects. Usually, the wait is much shorter -- but can you afford having your
customers wait for your time sensitive messages and offers? We know you cannot or simply
do not want to risk it. A businessperson needs a professional service.

2. Unlimited Email Marketing Campaigns
That’s right! Once you become a dedicated server user, you will be able to create unlimited
email marketing campaigns, including both follow-up campaigns and broadcasts. Send as
many messages as you need, at no additional cost.

3. No Spam Complaints:
We cannot and do not tolerate sending spam (unsolicited email messages) through any of our
shared email hosting servers. At Creative Web hosting, we fully support and promote ethical and
responsible email marketing. So does the Internet Service providers do. Your IPs will not be blocked on sending bulk emails through dedicated servers with stand alone IPs.

4. Manage Log files and email marketing statistics:
Take advantage of a full access to your Dedicated Server’s log files and always be able to
prove that each person on your list has indeed signed up. We regularly monitor all spam complaints sent to the upstream providers and intervene accordingly. You will never be left out in the cold!

5. Reliable Support and Monitoring:
Have support professionals assist you with any functionality questions you may have and
experienced deliverability professionals monitor your dedicated server 24/7. Leave it to the

6. High Server Capacity:
The Creative Web Hosting Dedicated Server can handle a list of up to one million subscribers
and mail out up to a million messages within 24 hours. There is no limit of the number
of email campaigns you manage or follow-ups you send. Should your particular needs
surpass the above standard capability, the offered technology is scalable.

Creative Dedicated Server Configuration for BULK EMAIL MARKETING:
  • Core2 quad core 2.4GHz
  • Operating System: Windows:  Windows Enterprise 2003
  • Bandwidth per month:  2000GB traffic
  • 4GB RAM
  • 320GB SATA2 HDD
  • Plesk Control Panel - Dedicated Server
  • Level 5 Server Management at Data Center
Dedicated email marketing server from Creative Web Hosting India will cost you:
  • Monthly fees: 499.99$ - Rs 24500 per month
  • Minimum contract period: 4 months.
  • One time installation fees: 249$ -  Rs 11200
  • 5% discount for a 6 months pre-payment
  • 10% discount for a 12 months pre-paiment

Assisted Email Marketing Server Service Plan Details:

  • Dedicated Server Monitoring
  • Dedicated Server Backup
  • Dedicated Server Disaster Recovery\
  • Dedicated Server Software Rollback
  • Dedicated Server Security Scanning
  • Security Services (Anti-Virus, Scanning):
  • Security scanning is offered once a month per server, with review and report of security scans, including any recommended remediation actions.
Patching Services:
Patching services  for the base operating system..
In most cases, patching will be performed weekly, though some patches may be applied sooner if the severity and likelihood of exploit is high. If a patch is found to break a customer's application, the customer will be able to contact the managed services support center and request that the patch be rolled back, free of charge.

Monitoring Services:
Per server monitoring of basic services such as Ping and HTTP.

Email Newsletter Designing Cost:
INR 6500/- per HTML Newsletter Design Cost.  ( Minimum contract size 3 Newsletters )

Email Newsletter Management:
HTML Newsletter Management, Scheduling and Result Analysis Cost: INR 75,000/-  per annum.

Bulk Email Broadcast Manager Software:
Bulk HTML Sender Software with Scheduling facility Cost: $800 - Rs 36000 per annum. ( Note: Versions with lesser features are also available ).

Payment Terms:
100% Advance with the requisite work order.

Email Marketing Dedicated Servers India,Email Marketing Servers,Dedicated hosting for bulk messaging,Bulk marketing servers India