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Why Creative Email Hosting

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Why Creative Email Hosting

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We provide mailing and messaging solutions to small and large organizations with an aim for our customers to communicate effectively. You will get a data communication platform for professional email addresses, like with a privilege of running your corporate emails from your site.

Creative's comprehensive Email and Messaging solution, besides giving high performance, allows both POP as well as web access. It allows users to receive, send and store messages, search messages, sort them on various parameters, create folders, attach and send files, and maintain a personal address book.

Creative Email Hosting Standard Features:

  •  Web Mail Interface and POP 3 Accounts
  • Send, Receive, Reply, Reply to All Options
  • Create, Delete, and Manage Folders
  • Your personal address book to store mail addresses
  • Store sent and received mail (Enhanced Mailbox sizes of 10 MB, 20 MB)
  • Personalize your mail, with Signatures, Return Addresses, and Auto Respond
  • Send and receive attachments limited only by the size of the disk space that you choose
  • Send and receive HTML messages

Email Hosting Privacy Features:

  •  Password Changes
  • Auto responders and Forwarding
  • Authenticated SMTP (Outgoing Mail)
  • Protection from Mass Mailing Worms

Creative WebMail Features :

  • View / Compose Mail in HTML
  • Multiple From Addresses / Signatures / Profiles
  • Web - Based Administration rights, enabling the administrator to -
  • Create / Delete / Modify User Profiles
  • Change password of users/ suspend accounts
  • Allocate Disk Space to Individual Users
  • Manage Aliases
  • Administer anti-spam confirguration for domain

Anti SPAM Email Hosting Features :

  • Automatically block unwanted spam from all the latest known spam sources, thereby eliminating the need to have a separate blocking option.
  • Configurable RBL based SPAM Filters
  • Configurable Heuristic SPAM Filters
  • Configurable Block Lists
  • Configurable Blacklists / Whitelists

Creative Email hosting services benefits and advantages

  •  Control through Web based Administration
  • Convenience of accessing your mail from anywhere in the world
  • Multiple locations same domain name for all employees at no extra cost.
  • Cost effective and customizable e-mail solutions
  • Quick Deployment
  • Accessibility, Reliability and Security

Email hosting India,Secure email hosting India,Premium email hosting,5 level support email hosting India